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Riddick (Submitted by Christopher McNutt)

‘Riddick’ submitted by Christopher McNutt

Riddick is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mixed breed. He loves being outside in winter and summer but in a house dog. Riddick knows many tricks, including sit pretty, roll over and dead dog. His favorite toy is my 2-year-old son. They chase each other around constantly. I couldn't ask for a more caring companion for my son to play with. I dread the day that we will need to part — Riddick is not a pet but part of our family!

Milo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)

‘Milo’ submitted by Peggy Webb

Milo is 10 months old and is an Elkhound. He is a rescue.

Rufus McGuire Forster (Submitted by Kristen Forster)

‘Rufus McGuire Forster’ submitted by Kristen Forster

Rufus came into our lives at a perfect time. We had just lost our Boxer Mercedes in October, and we went out “just to look.” We asked the man if he had any Boxers left, and he said no, but he had one Beabull left. For those of you that don’t know a Beabull is Beagle and Bulldog mix. He stole our hearts. Rufus is 8 months old; he is 1/4 Beagle and 3/4 Bulldog. His favorite toy is his unstuffed skunk and his dad. He doesn't know any tricks yet, just sit — he is so rambunctious that he doesn't do that well. Rufus picked us at a perfect time. We love him very much, and he is very SPOILED.

Abby (Submitted by Kristina Ettinger)

'Abby' submitted by Kristina Ettinger

Abby is our 4-year-old Australian Shepherd. She is named after Abby Scuito on NCIS — our favorite show. In this photo we were camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park. Her favorite things are getting attention from us and whining to get attention from us (just kidding). But she is our baby, and she is so beautiful.

Bruce (Submitted by Ann Linderman)

‘Bruce’ submitted by Ann Linderman

Bruce is a Lhasa Poo. He loves hiding his bones and then forgets where he hid them. He is 6 months old and loves the pool. His favorite thing to do...give kisses!!!

Mattie (Submitted by Allie Urbanski)

‘Mattie’ submitted by Allie Urbanski

Mattie, a 2-year-old Poovanese, is the friendliest, most affectionate dog anyone has ever encountered. Neither man nor canine can resist this Little Ball of Fluff. She is a rescue dog who was abandoned by her previous family. How anyone gave up this little dog is still is mystery to her new family! Mattie enjoys running outside in the backyard and chasing after bunnies (she never would ever catch one though...we think she's just trying to make new friends!) But more than anything, Mattie loves being held and cuddled by everyone she meets!!

Gizmo (Submitted by Chris Wagner)

'Gizmo’ submitted by Chris Wagner

Gizmo has the most energy of any dog known to man. He loves swimming and going for rides in the car. We can't keep him out of the water when we are swimming or boating (probably because he is soooo attached).

Big Shaq (Submitted Kelley Bator)

‘Big Shaq’ submitted by Kelley Bator

My dog is a Bull Mastiff. I have had him for three years. He is the most gentile and protective dog I have had. He is like a big baby -- sits on my lap, lays in bed with me and is just like part of the family. We love him very much. As far as his favorite treat, he eats anything.

Kody (Submitted by Dawn Mongold)

‘Kody’ submitted by Dawn Mongold

Plain and simple: He's awesome!

Delta (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)

‘Delta’ submitted by Kathleen Measer

Delta is almost 1 year old. She is a female Keeshond who will follow in her sister's (Daphne) footsteps and become an agility genius.