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Snow Roll Xl Is Saturday, Bundle, Bike, And Raise Money
Only in Buffalo, would we have a fundraising bike ride in the winter!  Yep.  It's called the Snow Roll.  You still have time to call up friends and make a wild day of it, tomorrow.
It's this weekend, Saturday the 19th.  Basically, bring your bike and meet other bike…
Five Reasons People Are Moving To Buffalo
How cool is it that some bills fans come on the snowiest of days to actually help shovel, that's devotion. No matter what the weather, Bill's Fans keep hope eternal that the big game is going to happen sometime.
Samsung Shows Off 219 Inch Screen TV Called The Wall
Like loads of Americans, our home TV sets are probably bigger than the ones our parents had, well at least they are flatter TVs. Right?  But wait...how about this new Samsung launch, a 219 inch TV, so big it's called The Wall!
Everyone would be at your house for the Bills TV games if y…

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