How do you avoid a termination meeting? Go on vacation! That’s what Buffalo school Superintendent James A. Williams did last Friday when the school board wanted him to show up for the meeting. His response, sorry I’m on vacation.

But that lead to another issue. Just how many days of the year does Williams spend outside of Buffalo? Try about 130 days in the past twelve months. That information gathered by the  freedom of information law  in a nifty piece of reporting, by Buffalo News reporter Mary B. Pasciak ..

A lot of it is time spent attending conventions, or commuting to his Maryland home. Two thirds of the travel occurred on weekdays. Pretty nice work if you can get it. I don’t know much about the “education industry”, but if any of us were away from our jobs that long, there would be no job to come home to!

So what do you think? Is this kind of travel necessary and productive for the Buffalo School System? Or is this another abuse of the system that contributes to the poor quality of education in our schools? Leave me your comments.