On last night's Wheel of Fortune, two best friends from Buffalo went into the game with high hopes and dreams of riches.

That's not quite how it worked out.

Rachelle Lowen (who lives in Florida) and Allie Glenn, of Buffalo, may have won $0 on Wheel (well, they did get the $2000 consolation prize at the end), but they will forever be winners in my eyes for losing so badly.

Plagued by bad guesses and unlucky spins (plus NO ONE knew the "WKRP in Cincinnati" puzzle -- in which TWO teams incorrectly guessed "Warp in Cincinnati"), even Pat Sajak seemed to lose his cool. At one point, one of the contestants asked for a "Y" to which Pat despondently replied, "oh I don't know why."

But the BEST moment had to be in the Crossword Round, when the correct answer should have been "Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn." The team from Buffalo accomplished one of my most immature dreams -- to shout "Uranus!" on national television.