Oops...we did it again!  Our Buffalo Bills have won their 4th straight game, a feat that was 8 years in the making.  Has it really been that long?


Yes it has and we have felt everyday of it.  Sunday's win against a struggling San Fran team was more than just a win.  It was a statement of how far we have come.  This 2016 Bills team of ours is ready to finally make that next step.


Now I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, there is plenty of season left.  As I noted last week, every win only guarantees a future Sunday of fun in the colder months.  Will this finally be the year that those Sundays go into January?


Let's not worry about those Sunday's just yet, let's enjoy the present.  If you were at the game on Sunday you felt the excitement.  It had that early '90's feel to it that seems so long ago...because it was.

I had the pleasure of enjoying what we do best in Buffalo - the tailgate.  Just like the Bills, it did not disappoint!  I was able to get this picture with the infamous 'Pinto Ron' right after he was covered in the 'ketchup and mustard' pregame celebratory tradition.


THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.  The festiveness of this event, along with the 5,000 others that take place at our home (and our away game) tailgates.  Did I mention 'Pinto Ron' has been to every single Bills game - home and away - since 1994???  How is that even possible?


If you are not making it to the games on Sundays and enjoying the absolute beautiful weather we have had for them then what are you doing?  As we know all too well, these days do not last and who knows how much longer we will be blowing out teams.


If you do make it down, soak it in.  I stay until every player exits the field.  Now I'm not judging that you do or don't, but it's not too often that we win in the fashion that we have been lately. So why rush out?  You are still going to be stuck in the same amount of traffic.