While many of us are asking "are you ready for some football", some of us couldn't be bothered.  If you fit into group number two, then get ready for some puppies. Puppy Bowl VIII, which will air on Super Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet, is the cutest bowl you ever did see.

During the Puppy Bowl, you'll get to see adorable canines on a miniature football field showing off their cuteness. But there's more!

The puppies will also be joined by other animals in supporting roles, which, of course, add to the cuteness. The Puppy Bowl will also feature 20 kittens, five pigs, one bird and a few hamsters.

The kittens will entertain the crowd at halftime, the piglets will lead the pep squad, the bird will be tweeting updates from the game and the hamsters will be providing  aerial coverage via blimp.

You can catch all the furry fun Sunday February 5 on Animal Planet.