So here we are, April Fools Day 2016.  I usually come in early to do the "behind-the-scenes" stuff before the show (commercials, what to talk about on air, and of course these articles) when what do I see?  A whole box of donuts!  Normally I'd enjoy the sweet goodness (then of course feel guilty about it later) but then I remember....."Oh yeah...April Fools Day.  I've heard about people messing with food like.....

Exhibit A.  "Toothpaste-filled Oreos"    Could you IMAGINE biting into these and tasting Colgate?  Bleh!  (Video credit to Daniel Lusk Magic via YouTube....poor kids! Haha)

Exhibit B.  "Ice Cream Mayonnaise"  Frozen Mayo molded to resemble ice cream....Eeeeeeeee.  (Video Credit to John Hagee Ministries via YouTube.)

Exhibit C.  "Mac-N-Cheese Orange Juice" Just when you didn't think it couldn't get any more disgusting, it just did.  (Video credit to ExclamationPointYT via YouTube.)

So...needless to say.  As I write this it's 2:47pm on a Friday and more than HALF the donuts remain!  In what NORMAL world does that happen??  I should probably check on the poor souls who sampled those "free" donuts!