When a drastic event in your life happens, such as the passing of someone very important to you, it can take a toll on your feelings and how you continue to live your life.

In the case of a loyal listener of Delilah, the passing of her father caused her to get out of control of her life until a good friend stepped in to help.

Six years ago my daddy passed away and I took it very hard and I went into a deep depression. I felt like I had lost not just my dad but my whole family. I had distanced myself from everyone I loved and started dating a guy who was a drug addict and very abusive. I started drinking and doing other things I was raised not to do. I was hanging out with friends that had the same lifestyle as my then boyfriend, and I was heading down a path that would have led to destruction.

Then one day about three years ago something magical happened. One of my oldest, dearest friends reached out to me and basically gave me some very tough love. She was the only one who realized the extent of my drinking and told me what she felt like as she watched her best friend try to kill herself. That same day she came to my house and saw my old boyfriend hit me. She kicked him out of my house and she got me a good job working with her.

But the best thing she did was introduce me to the man I would eventually marry. When I met him, he and his daughter made my life better than I ever knew it could be. They showed me a life that was worth living. I have since reunited with my family and become a step-mom to a little girl I never knew I could love as much as I do. So the moral of this story is that in life all you need is one person to stand up for you and it can save your life. It can change you forever. Heather

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post