This sweet little 5-month-old needs your help.

You're probably aware of the AMAZING local company, 26 Shirts.

Every 2 weeks, they issue a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind t-shirt.  The shirts have 2 short weeks of glory, and then the design is retired, and rarely offered again (they occasionally have "comeback" designs when demand is high).  For every shirt sold, $8 is donated to a family in need, dealing with exhausting and financially devastating issues, like....

  •   A daughter who’s barely a year old and fighting leukemia.
  •   Another daughter who has had an eye removed because of a rare pediatric cancer.
  •   A family whose son was hit by a car, and now they have to commute between Buffalo (where they live/work) and Pittsburgh (where he’s being treated).

I'm proud to say the founder, Del Reid, is an old Fredonia college bud of mine (we met freshman year and bonded over a Counting Crows album in 1993!)....Incidentally, he's also the founder of #BillsMafia!

Del and the crew are at it again, with the latest design (shown above) benefiting 5-month-old Piper Hochstatter.  While the family currently lives in Texas, her parents (mom from Buffalo, dad from Wyoming) met in college and bonded over their equal love of the Buffalo Bills.  Their dream is to relocate to Buffalo to be with family during this difficult time.

In August, little Piper was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have her in Buffalo for her first birthday (March 27th) ..which she happens to share with Terry Pegula?!?!

I'm honored to help spread the word about this shirt...and if you're going to the Sabres game on Wednesday, Perry's is shooting the shirts from the t-shirt cannon at the game!

Please consider a purchase to help this sweet little girl and her family. Del asked me to "model" the shirt... Buy it and help this family here!