With Pokemon Go becoming an overnight sensation, you may be curious how it works.

It's basically a new cell phone game that, unlike regular "video games", actually requires fresh air and physical activity! How refreshing! Basically you walk around with your phone out, and when Pokemon characters appear in front of you on the screen, you try to catch them.

To ME, just my opinion, there's just a level of "scary" in it that doesn't interest me. Actually, in Missouri, some bad guys have already used it to lure people into a robbery trap.

If you ARE into it, here's some fun tips from a Forbes Magazine writer who lists the ten things he wished he knew before he started his game!

And here are a few more pointers on gameplay from Wiki.

I'm a child of the 80s, so many of my youthful hours were spent camped out in front of my Atari.  Basically, a black box with a joystick and a red button was as far as I was able to go in the video game realm (outside of Nintendo...because I got really good at Duck Hunt).

Bringing us back to a kinder, gentler time, I invited you to play "Ear Pac Man" in your car...