A fire tore through a Youngstown, NY apartment building last month leaving 4 people homeless.

One of those families included Serenity Pietrangeli’s best friend Natalie. According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) the eight-year-old, Youngstown girl said she was sad to hear about what happened to her friend’s home, and wanted to help.

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She decided making and selling bracelets would be a great way to raise money for her friend.

“It’s easy to make and a lot of people would probably like them,” Pietrangeli said.

She told her teacher about the idea, it and shortly thereafter, her classmates were also making bracelets to sell.

“I passed out the bracelet stuff and then they would go home and make bracelets and return the bracelets that they made,” Pietrangeli told News 4.

Serenity’s mom, Jamie Ruperti was so proud of her daughter, that she decided to display and sell the bracelets at The Village Bake Shoppe in Lewiston where she works.

“They’ve just warmed a lot of peoples’ hearts,” Ruperti said.

Serenity has raised nearly 900-dollars to date, but her goal is to raise 1,200-dollars so  each family gets 300 dollars.

To think that it all started with a good-natured 8-year-old who just wanted to help a friend. How many times have each of us read or heard of something like this and simply said..."that's too bad, wish I could help".

Anyone looking to donate either money or bracelet supplies can email Ruperti at mommyserenity233@gmail.com.


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