If you're like me and like to walk or bike down by Canalside, now there is an uninterrupted path along the water’s edge. It goes from the Central Wharf, behind the old DL&W Terminal and onto the Outer Harbor. You can also now travel down South Park Avenue by the Old First Ward.

The last time I was down there I had to turn and go back with the Skyway supports right in my face. Now there is a short passageway that will make future Canalside walks and bike rides a pleasure.

Buffalo Rising posted a bunch of pictures and says:

Aside from new Shoreline Trail wayfinding signs, historic markers, bike racks, and landscaping, this is an initial step towards realizing an even bigger dream to reclaim this land in the name of the Buffalo people, instead of parking for NFTA employees.

So the next time you visit Canalside, bring your water bottle and walking shoes and plan on a good deal of exercise.

[Buffalo Rising]