If you need some inspiration to do some remodeling, look no further than this transformation at the Cabrera family home, shared by daughter Joserin on Twitter and locally by WKBW-TV.

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Joserin shared four photos that showed her Dad's serious remodeling skills.

The photos included a “before” shot of an attic desperately in need of a little "love"; an “in-progress” photo in which new flooring was being put down and the walls and ceilings had been freshly painted; and stunning “after” shots.

Check out the photos below from Joserin's Twitter page:

“Honestly, my wife and I needed more space for our clothes,” Rodolfo Cabrera told House Beautiful. “One day I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else.'”

Cabrera, who has worked in the home remodeling business for 15 years and owns a remodeling company (and it shows) said the work took around three weeks to complete, and it cost him between $25,000 and $30,000. Makes you wonder what this would have cost if he didn't own the company!?

According to Cabrera, the hardest part was the stairs, because they’re only attached to one wall, “so we needed to add as much support as we could to that one side.”

This spectacular attic closet can be seen in more detail in a room tour on the Remodeling & Design LLC Instagram account.


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