The entire world is her bathtub, and Canalside is now one of her destinations!

The World's Largest Rubber Duck, "Mama Duck", will appear at the Maritime Festival from August 27-28.

She's a big one at over 6 stories high and weighing 11 tons. Mama floats on a steel pontoon.

Her dad, er, creator Craig Samborski, has been interested in bringing the giant inflatable to the Maritime Festival for quite some time and was happy to oblige when Canalside made the call.  Mama will also be visiting Syracuse and Erie this summer.

How does something that large make it's way around the tour?  She arrives by truck, and it then takes about eight hours to attach her to the steel pontoon.  She's hoisted into the water and then three high intensity blowers inflate her.

Samborski says she's the equivalent of about 60 sailboats at once in one area, so if it's windy, she does move around a bit...which can be a bit intimidating with 23,000 pounds on board.  They advise a 25 foot safety zone around her, so don't plan on taking the boat or jetski too close.

Even more adorable, Mama's duckling, "Timmy", will be in town as well.  But he's "only" 10 feet tall.