The 179th Annual Erie County Fair closed this past Sunday, but not before a Guinness record was broken!

The record for the World's Largest Wooden bowl was set by the Woodworkers Clubhouse, who created the bowl during the run of the Fair.

Members of the Woodworkers Clubhouse smoothed out the sides of the bowl during the fair so it could qualify for the World Record.

At the end of the Fair, the bowl ended up measuring 15-feet across, 4-feet deep and has a rim circumference of 47-feet.

It took nearly 725 individual pieces of red oak and spruce, that were glued together with 25 gallons of glue.

The previous record for World's Largest Wooden Bowl was a 13-foot bowl built in 2005 in Austria.

The bowl will remain at the fairgrounds and will also be on display during the Festival of Lights.