I find this kind of thing fascinating, and I'm hoping against hope you do as well. Obviously I'm in a business where linguistics are central...but have you ever thought about how many differences there are in ONE word, across WNY, across the state, across the country?

Caramel:  "car-a-mel" or "car-mil"?

Crayon:  "CRAY-on" or "cran"?

Lawyer:  "LOY-er" or "LAW-yer"?

Mayo:  "May-uh-naze" or "MAY-naze"?

Pecan:  "pee-KON", "pic-AHN", "PEE-can", "PEE-kahn"?

Pajamas:  "puh-JAM-ahs" or "puh-JAH-mas"?

NOW...I put it out to YOU about how people pronounce things and what drives you nuts.  Mine are:

  • "expecially" = especially
  • "suffosedta" = supposed to
  • "tuesdee" = Tuesday
  • "walmartS" = WalMart
  • "yoooge" = huge

YOUR calls were WONDERFUL!  Listen to some of them here: