Lauren and Patrick Delgado didn’t want to let COVID-19 stop their wedding, so when the bride came down with COVID-19 ahead of their big day, they got creative.

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“We actually changed [our plans] 3 times. We first cut friends, then extended family,” Patrick said, adding that the final guest list included 10 people.

According to KTLA-TV After multiple changes and cuts to the guest list due to pandemic restrictions, Lauren and Patrick's wedding was finally scheduled for Nov. 20.

But because this is 2020, another major complication... just days before their special day, Lauren tested positive for COVID-19.

“We were cautious throughout the entire time, making sure that we always wore our masks everywhere,” Patrick said. “When she got that positive test result, I’ll be honest, it took a massive toll on her.”

Their marriage license was on the verge of expiring, so the couple decided to move ahead with the wedding— with Lauren remaining in isolation.

The bride stayed in the second story of her family home and the groom was on the ground below holding onto two ends of a rope, symbolizing their commitment to one another in sickness and in health.

After 10 days in isolation, the two eagerly began their next chapter together.

They plan to renew their vows and have a more normal celebration on their one-year anniversary.

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