We want to thank all of you for participating in this morning's discussion about the tragic events in Orlando.  Special thanks to Bryan Ball, President of Stonewall Democrats of WNY, for coming in to talk about tonight's candlelight vigil in Niagara Square (6p-8p).

**UPDATE:  See pics from the vigil here.***

We asked you to share any of your thoughts, feelings, fears, and love this morning.  Here's just a portion of what came over our Text line (716-241-9696) :

  • Jessica / Williamsville: I actually lived in Orlando for 6 years and two of my best friends made it out through a fire escape but we also lost 3 friends. (Understandably, Jessica was not ready to talk about this with us this morning.  We're sending you our love and prayers.)
  • Chrissy / Buffalo: My daughter is a gay woman and this Incident was not only Terrifying but heart wrenching. She's 26 and is supposed to be enjoying her life and her pride.   As a parent not only of a gay daughter but a daughter none the less this is just awful. My children are my world and I feel for all of those who lost Their loved ones
  • Amy / NT: I personally think clearly the gun-control law is not effective. So I feel it's about time to allow everyday citizens to carry a small pistol because most people of the world are sane and would only use it as a defense tactic. Those people were ambushed and had no way to protect themselves. I don't feel it can get any worse than it already is so why the hell not.
  • Jan / Rochester: And once again we need to talk about mental health and how we can support people who are sick
  • Michelle / Williamsville: I am so terribly sad for all who were affected by this. It makes me wonder why assault style guns are legal for everyday citizens to buy and own. Why aren't they just limited to military and law enforcement? Why does and ordinary citizen need an assault rifle? Also, I unfortunately don't see anything changing anytime soon. If the killing of 20 children did nothing, what will it take??? I just don't know. And it scares me.
  • Crystal / Marilla: I am just totally sick and sad by this whole thing the hatred is so out of control as a mother of a gay child to target them because of their preference or any other preference and being a grandmother knowing the hatred in this world I feel so sad for my grandchildren something needs to stop and something needs to happen
  • Candy / Niagara Falls: As we pray for the people of Orlando I think we should pray for all of us with how the world is becoming... sad ..just very sad
  • Monica / Buffalo: This shooting was ridiculous, and the fact that he was on fbi watch list prior is very disturbing.. you can’t feel safe anywhere anymore i feel for upcoming generations My 9 y.o is petrified to be in public he watches the news with me and he fears driving because of accidents the shootings everywhere he’s afraid of everything