Val and I celebrated Wing It Wednesday in the studio today courtesy of the Chicken Wing originators Anchor Bar.  I am a big fan of Anchor Bar wings, but never have I had the opportunity to try all of the sauces in one sitting!


They brought in the wings plain, along with a wheel of sauces that included Mild, Medium, Hot, Spicy Hot BBQ, Spicy Garlic Parmesan, Honey Garlic, Chipotle BBQ, and Sweet & Sour.  Along with this we had a plate of celery and ranch dressing.  I'm kidding, just making sure you are paying attention.  Obviously Anchor Bar comes correct with the Bleu Cheese, they are the Buffalo Originals!

Anchor Bar Wing Sauces

Trying all of the wings with different sauces was a fun experience.  To take it one step further, Val and I decided to have a friendship test.  We wanted to see if our top 3 wing sauces from Anchor Bar were the same.  Spoiler alert, they weren't, but we were really close.  We flipped our #2 and #1 choices with Medium and Chipotle BBQ.


I had Chipotle BBQ as my #1 wing sauce so clearly Val messed up.  I could bathe in it I love it so much.  How she could put that one at #2 is beyond me.  I realized in that moment that I may never understand her. I guess we are lucky in a way.  Some people have to wait a lifetime to find that out, and we did it in 10 minutes over wings.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Anchor Bar for helping us enjoy Wing It Wednesday the right way!