Kayakers in December on Red House Lake over the weekend!

Posted by Allegany State Park on Monday, December 14, 2015


I can honestly say the most perfect views in Western New York are in Allegany State Park. Take the 219 south, 90 minutes from downtown and just under 30 minutes from Ellicottville and it's like you are in a new world. In the summer the views of the mountains from the beaches is breathtaking. Even right now seeing the snow on the trees and hilltops makes a drive through worth the ride!

I have taken my son Derek to camp there every year since he was 2! He is 12 now and still looks forward to going back every summer. There are 2 main 'areas' - Quaker and Red House. Quaker beach is better, bigger, has a nice ice cream/snack stand. If you want to stay in a Cabin that is your spot. Red House beach has amazing views but is not as nice or big. However if you tent camp THAT is the best place in WNY! The C and E sites are the best, B sites just 'ok', avoid the D and A sites if you can.

They have over 18 hiking trails - sometimes including ones that go into Pennsylvania! The North Country trail goes 18 miles! There are also short ones like Red Jacket you can take your 3 year old on that go only 1.5 miles round trip.

Thunder rocks are amazing, there are actual BEAR CAVES your kids can go in (bring a flashlight!), and bring your bikes because the trails are perfect for kids!

Finally I would say a boat ride (they rent them) on Red House Lake is a MUST-DO as well. In closing, book now because sites fill up fast for a May-September 2016 trip to Allegany, you will find yourself going back every year!



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