Julianne Moore made a lot of folks quite surprised this week, when she was a guest on the Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live."  MSN entertainment reports that Moore said

"she didn't exit the lead in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?. You know, the part that landed Melissa McCarthy an Oscar nomination, of her own free will."

Added Moore, "I didn't Leave that movie. Nicole fired me."  Nicole being the writer-director of the film.  Moore was set to play a friend of McCarthy's character.  Moore also said,  "I think her idea of the what the character was was different than where my idea of the character was.”

Too bad, both Moore and McCarthy are such great talents, it would have been fun to see them work together.

If you are craving some fabulous Julianne Moore work, how about checking out "A Single Man" on Netflix?  She and the lovely Colin Firth are sublime.  :-)