Now all cities have moments of odd weather, every once and while, but some places receive more rain, more snow and cold than others.  Bob Villa, you know the how-to- guy decided to do a ranking of the 31 worse weather cities.

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Number one went to Marquette, Michigan. Villa's team said,

Residents of this college town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula get walloped by an average of 204 inches of the white stuff  every year, according to The Weather Channel. This abundance is due to a phenomenon called lake-effect snow that produces cooler temperatures along the shores of the Great Lakes.

Number two goes to Ironwood, Michigan, Villa's folks again went against the snow.

When it comes to annual snowfall, few cities can compete with Ironwood. The town's average annual snowfall of 188 inches means residents must be prepared to salt and shovel their driveways all winter long.

So, where is Buffalo?  Well, we got beat out by Seattle, Washington with all its rain and Barrow, Alaska for its cold -20 winters without the windchill added.

Buffalo was 23/31.  Here is what they said about Buffalo,

With 311 partially cloudy days per year, three more than Seattle, Buffalo often takes the title of cloudiest city in America. Given the relatively small number of sunny days, residents may want to ask their doctors about taking vitamin D supplements to stay healthy in spite of the weather.

My Hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, didn't make it.  Have to admit when I moved here to Buffalo, I thought I was ready for winters, but the constantly changing shifting weather in Buffalo has made for something, unlike anything I'd experienced.

So, who came in last?  Lubbock, Texas.  Villa's team had their comments,

Extreme temperature swings, tornadoes, dust storms, and firestorms—Lubbock has it all. These diverse discomforts make this northwestern Texas city a bit of a challenge for new residents accustomed to more temperate climates.

So, maybe we are pretty lucky, but remember to take your Vitamin D.