Having just come off a four-day mini-vacation, my pants are a little tighter. I feel like it's the "Freshman 15" all over again, but this time, it's more like the middle-aged-muffin-top.

I normally eat pretty well, and consciously. But, when it comes to "vacation", I feel like I give myself a mulligan. I.E., as I'm having a second helping of sesame noodles, I say, "Eh, who cares, I'm on vacation."

The dangerous trap is, I say that with TOO many "occasions". For example:

"Sure I'll have another piece of pizza -- it's Friday!"
"I WILL have extra cheese in that omelette -- it's protein!"
"I HAVE to get something from the drive-thru...I'm on a road trip."
"Not only will I have the fries instead of chips, I'd also like cheese sauce for dipping -- it's my birthday."

A friend of mine is milking her first pregnancy for all it's worth, saying she's going to pig out on chips, ice cream, candy and the like. She claims once the baby comes, she'll go back to eating right and exercising. But, for now, she's treating this like a nine-month food vacation.

SO...what's YOUR best "excuse" for indulging?