When breast cancer hit my family, it hit like a ton of bricks. That's not unique to cancer diagnosis at all...but since there was ZERO cancer in my family, breast or any other kind, the news was even more poignant.

If you're lucky like me, you don't have much cancer history in your family either.  But are there still risks?

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Have you ever wondered what your risk is for developing breast cancer?

Doctors use an assessment tool called the Gail Model, that evaluates a personal lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.  Women with a 5 year risk of 1.67 or higher are considered "high risk".

Factors include age, live birth history, and family history.  It may help you and your doctor decide on whether you prefer 3D or "traditional" mammography.

You can take the assessment yourself here, and it's also best to take your results and discuss them with your doctor.

Schedule your mammorgram with my friends at Southtowns Radiology.  They offer both 3D and traditional...and they're positively wonderful.