I'm sure by now you've been accosted by no less than 8 coworkers with kids who want you to buy Girl Scout Cookies...tis the season!

Ya can't say no, firstlu because who wants to disappoint a girl trying to get her cookie badge???  But second, they are essentially the equivalent of oxygen -- you must have them!  (I'm not even a "mint flavor" kind of girl, but you put me in a room with chilled Thin Mints and it's like an episode of Wild Kingdom.)

ThinkStock / Arianahabich

While you may think the correct drink to pair with said cookies is milk, but you'd be wrong, at least according to this guide.

Before you get too deep into it, you should know it's pretty intense...it's not like a simple Pinot Grigio makes the list.  Rather, they're very specific, fancy, and even obscure wines you may not just have around the house.

For instance, Thin Mints should be paired with a robust Brunello.

Samoas go with an aged Rioja.

Tagalong fans? You need an Amarone.

The full and intimidating list can be found here.

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