"But we ALWAYS read 17.5 books before bed!"

Kids are expert negotiators when it comes to bed time.

Netflix conducted a survey and found the average kid manages to delay bed time for 19 minutes and 18 seconds.

Most kids (66%) use stalling tactics to stay up later. The most common techniques:

  • Negotiating (killing time in the process)
  • Claiming they're SO hungry or SO thirsty
  • Flattering mom/dad
  • Moving as slowly as possible
  • Tricking you (distracting you)
  • Pretending they forgot it's time for bed
  • Taking all their clothes off in protest

The international survey also found our kids stall almost 2 full minutes more than kids in other countries!

What tactics have YOUR kids used to squeak out a few extra minutes of non-bedtime?



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