Yes, I've done it...gone 52 down 45mph Genesee Street to make the lights by the airport. I've gone through the yellow and I haven't come to a complete stop when approaching a stop sign. I am sometimes a bad driver. How about you? Was that you tailgating me in a parking lot yesterday?

My goodness, you'll get there, it may take you 14 seconds longer for showing some consideration....but, you'll get there. Sure, drive the speed limit to the traffic light, but, a red light is not a race. Why do drivers have to be first to stop and wait...changing lanes so they can be up one extra car length...really, it's that important?Even when I'm traveling above the speed limit, some Buffalo drivers just have to go around me on the highway, get ahead, and then slow me down because they're getting off at the next exit! If that's you, you need to go back to kindergarten and re-learn how getting in line works.Are you going to make a right on red? Okay...when it's clear! Not if you can dart into traffic slowing everyone down.

Yesterday as I attempted to merge, a driver was racing down the inside lane, almost being side swiped by a number of cars, without a care in the world. It was as if they were thinking..."I don't care if I'm in an inconvenient traffic accident...I'm in the right, you'll all wait for me. I'd rather crash than let anyone merge"

I strongly believe in signaling every lane change...every turn. But since I've returned to the Buffalo roadways...I'm having second thoughts. I've actually seen drivers squeeze out a merging vehicle as soon as their signal to get over starts flashing...c'mon, seriously?   Okay...If they're inconsiderate like the above sign displayed...sure, make them wait their turn...but for the most nice.

And please, when in the passing lane, pass! If you want to travel the speed limit, fine, get over. You've seen the signs, slower traffic keep right. I just don't get those who get in the passing lane and travel parallel with the next driver as if to say, you're going to drive the speed I tell you to go.

Well, to sum up...I love being back home in Buffalo. I understand that it's now going to take me 15 to 20 minutes to get to work, rather that six.  I just want to get there in one piece.