has an article with the top five things that make you look older and solutions to all five of them. 

Number one is A dull complexion

Built up makeup and oily skin can cause your skin to have a dull appearance. 

The solution is to wash your face regularly.
Make sure you use a wash cloth and gently rub in a circular motion. 

Number two is dark spots. 

These spots are caused by the sun's UV rays which causes your body to over produce melanin in the skin. 

The solution is to wear lots of sun screen with a SPF of at least 30. 

Number three is major dryness. 

For all you women living in cold climates you know what we're talking about. The cold temps and heated processed air wreak havoc on your skin's natural protective barrier causing dry flaking skin. 

The solution is a good moisturizer with a light, non-comedogenic lotion. it's very important to hydrate your skin before going to bed. 

Number four is puffy eye bags. 

This usually effects women starting in their forties but recently younger and younger women have been asking their doctors for help with this. 

The solution is getting more sleep. Fatigue causes an over production of stress hormones causing inflammation. You can also try applying a cold compress to your face on the really bad days. 

Number five is dark circles. 

As you age the area under your eyes begins to lose fat stores. this causes a shadowy look. 

The solution is to check your diet. Yo-yo diets can cause this as well as late nights. Cut back on sweets and remember your daily skin care regiment.