This past Sunday was supposed to be the first-day non-essential cross-border travel resumed between the U.S. and Canada, but, as you have heard by now officials announced the border will remain closed until the end of July.

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The effect on tourism would be bad enough but News 4 WIVB-TV caught up with a couple who can’t see each other because they live on opposite sides of the border. Despite that, they refuse to let borderlines get in the way of their relationship.

“It’s just rolling with it,” Canadian resident Tricia-Lynn Pascia said. “That’s all we can do is just roll with it.”

Pascia and Nick Crawley met about six years ago in Canada. Pascia lives in Fort Erie and Crawley lives in Kenmore. In December Nick proposed, and then in March the U.S. and Canada Border closed to non-essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Canada did ease restrictions to allow close family members to cross the border, but because the couple is not married yet, it does not apply to them.

While they are forced to spend most of their time apart, they Facetime every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

“It’s going to be fine, we’re working through it, you know I have my struggles,” Pascia said during a zoom interview. “At first I was like easy breezy, this is going to be good and then the delay, and then the uncertainty and then is was like ok when is this going to be over, but you got to respect at the same time.”

The couple was originally going to be married in September, they have since moved their wedding date back. They are thinking of having a small ceremony later this year and then a bigger celebration next year.

If the border restriction is not delayed again, the two will be reunited on July 21st, and when they're asked at the border if they have anything to will no doubt their love for each other.


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