It seems that the business "Dress Code" is a thing of the past?  The overwhelming majority of businesses don't make people dress up any more.

According to a new survey, 26% of people work somewhere that's business casual . . . 33% work somewhere that's just casual . . . and 20% work at some place with zero dress code.  That adds up to 79% of people.

The question is with the relaxed standards is it possible to dress too casually for work?

"The nature of work — where, when and how it gets done — has changed dramatically over the past several years, and many of those changes (open offices, remote work) have ultimately contributed to a less formal workplace,"  said Traci Fiatte, CEO, non-technical staffing, Randstad US. "It's great to empower your employees to dress for their day, as well as show their personality, but it is equally important for employers to set some clear guidelines to ensure that everyone feels comfortable."

What's still off-limits, if you are are the top four . . .

1.  Ripped jeans

2.  Leggings/yoga pants

3.  High heels over three inches

4.  Open-toed shoes

And finally . . . 38% of people under 35 say they've been pulled aside and asked to dress more professionally.

(PR Newswire)