Take down these number, Spring Breakers.

We already know that we have the best pizza and wings in the entire United States, right here in Western New York. When you're in Florida and someone says "let's go get wings"--we know what you're thinking. They're just not that good. In fact, you think that everywhere you go on vacation.

Luckily, there are a few famous Buffalo Wing and Pizza joints that you need to know the phone number for when you're on vacation or just want to send them to your family and friends out of town.

All of the prices are approximate and INCLUDE overnight shipping.

  • 1

    Bocce Club Pizza

  • 2


    50 Wings -- $114.95
  • 3

    Anchor Bar

    50 Wings -- $119.99
  • 4


    55 Wings --$99, Large Piza--About $60