Hopefully, you enjoy this "mini" Spring vacation today weather-wise since it looks like Mother Nature is returning to her Winter vacation and bringing some cold and snow along with her.

Another round of sub-freezing weather is expected to roll across Western New York tonight and will be in the region for a couple of Days.

According to Accuweather, we will see the temperatures start dropping tonight with an overnight low of 27 degrees. Tomorrow we will squeak a bit above freezing with highs near 35 degrees before taking another polar plunge at night.

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Wednesday night the temperatures will fall to the teens with a low near 13 and then it won't rebound too much as we get into Thursday.

The high for Thursday will be around 25 and it stay below freezing until Sunday. That is when we see another round of Spring-like weather and could see the High temperature around 56 degrees.

During this cold snap, we will also see some snow in the area both tonight and on Wednesday. The good news is that it should be less than 2 inches over the time frame.

It has been a weird weather year so far here in Western New York. We already has a taste of Spring a week ago when the temperatures got into the 50s but again that was followed by cold, snow, and sleet.

Buffalo is currently ahead of its average yearly snowfall total with just over 84 inches of snow so far this Winter.

It looks like March is coming in like a Lion and hopefully, it will leave like a lamb with some nice Spring weather expected at the end of the Month.

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