So how are you spending your free time this weekend? When it comes to leisure time, 29% of us like to read a good book. According to a Harris Poll, if we're not reading we prefer to watch television or just spend time with the family. Count me in the reading category. Want more?

 Reading, 29%
 TV watching, 18%
 Spending time with family, 14%
 Computer activities, 9%
 Going to the movies, 7%
 Fishing, 7%
 Gardening, walking and playing team sports, 6%
 Exercise, golf and going to church, 5%
 Listening to music, watching sporting events, shopping, 4%
 Playing music, entertaining, renting movies, eating out, 3%
 Sewing/crocheting, relaxing, playing cards, hobbies, 2%
 Sleeping, running, writing, bowling, motorcycling, 1%