Twenty years ago today I married the most amazing guy. We've made so many wonderful memories over the years, but there are still a few things that stand out from that beautiful Saturday back in 1992.

The day truly was gorgeous. It was bright, sunny and warm. One of the few nice days we had that Spring. I woke up amazingly relaxed. I figured I had done everything possible to make sure the day went well. No matter what happened now, I was going to enjoy our wedding day.

I recall getting ready. The dress, the hair, the makeup. When the flowers came, I didn't like the lone bright pink rose cascading down the front of my bouquet so I grabbed scissors and cut it off. A couple of my bridesmaids grabbed the scissors to make sure I didn't dig into the bouquet when I began to inspect it further.  That still makes me laugh.  What did they think I would do?
We took pictures in my parents backyard. My mother looked stunning in her pale pink dress.  All six of my bridesmaids looked absolutely beautiful, especially my niece (Amelia) who was

our flower girl. I had given up on finding a bridesmaids dress that made everyone happy, so I picked out a jewel green material and a seamstress and told the girls to each design their own. It really worked out well. 

Jerry and I said our "I do's" at 14 Holy Helpers Church in West Seneca. When I look back at the photos, it seems like just yesterday my dad walked me down the aisle. I couldn't stop smiling.

We took more photos behind the Art Gallery in Buffalo. The pictures came out beautiful. We had hired a professional, but my maid of honor (Penny) also snapped plenty of photos as well.  We had to laugh at how the photographer would line us all up, and then Penny would snap photos over his shoulder.  He actually didn't seem to mind.  We had one flower girl, two ring bearers, six bridesmaids and six groomsmen in the wedding party.  Yes, it was a large wedding party and we had a blast in those hours leading up to the reception.

Our reception was catered in a hall that a couple of my girlfriends took the time to decorate. They truly did an amazing job turning a large empty room into an elegant wedding reception for 250 people.  Special thanks to Janel Purvis and Erin Grant for all they did that day!

We started celebrating with family and friends about 6pm and wrapped up the evening just after 2am. The food was awesome, catered by Joseph's. The DJ kept the party moving with all kinds of dance favorites from the electric slide to the Irish jig. Yes, I am very Irish (and polish so there were a few polka's too)!

We were off to celebrate our marriage the following morning with a week-long cruise. Ironically we made friends with another couple on the cruise from Grand Island that were married on the same day! (Happy 20th Anniversary Darlene and Dave Passarelli!)

While I recall many details of the planning involved and the days events, what I remember most are the people who came to help us celebrate. Family and friends came from all over to make the day truly special for us. Thanks to all of you who took party in our wedding party, attended the ceremony and/or reception and to those who sent good wishes. God Bless you all, for we are truly blessed to still have family and friends like you.