Eric has been conveniently dropping hints and planting seeds that his birthday is Thursday.  I've been playing aloof like I don't care....but secretly, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS.  I love to make people feel special on their special day.

Weeks ago, Eric said all he wanted was the new iPhone 7...and lord knows THAT wasn't gonna happen (from me, at least).

So, a homemade-spice-cake-stuffed-with-cream-cheese-frosting and 14-tubes-of-decorative-frosting-and-black-fondant later, I attempted to create the best of both (birthday and iPhone 7) worlds.

Sure, it came out looking like a 5 year old did it.  But dammit, it was MY (inner) 5 year old.

I crouched under the console to get the surprise while Eric was screening's what happened.