Earlier this morning (Wednesday), Eric and I were talking about gift cards.  A new survey says over half of us will give at least one gift card to someone for Christmas.

But only 27% of us actually WANT to get one...those people would rather have actual gifts.

I love GETTING gift cards, because then I can buy what I want. But I hate GIVING gift cards, because I hate that the dollar amount has to be revealed. Plus, half the fun for me is buying someone something I know they like.

Eric hates getting gift cards.  He finds them thoughtless. (He'll still take a Starbucks gift card, since he drops half his paycheck there every week anyway.)

I do have ONE issue when I receive gift cards though.....here's what happened when I went through my "satchel"....

As much as I HATE shopping (yes, I LOATHE it), the season is upon us.  I'll probably end up using these cards (on myself or others? I haven't decided yet...my birthday IS coming up...happy birthday to me!).

But, if YOU find yourself with gift cards you're not going to use, check out this site. They'll pay you for them! :)

Happy (or unhappy) shopping!

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