After the false alert in Hawaii last weekend,officials in many states and cities have taken a serious look at how prepared they are and how to prepare citizens IF a nuclear bomb threat was imminent.

Even though the alert in Hawaii was a mistake, what do you do to be prepared for any attack like that? Here is what some experts are saying to have ready.

According to a story filed by Metro Source News:
Dr. Irwin Redlener, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, says it's important to get to a shelter and stay there. Redlener says in case of a real nuclear threat, don't look at the blast, find shelter within 20-minutes, plan to stay there for at least a day or two and wait for further directions. He also recommends keeping a "go bag" packed at home, work and in your car.

1. Knowing the signs of nuclear explosion.
2. Seeking immediate shelter (optimal shelter can be described)
3. Staying put in shelter for 24-48 hours
4. Waiting for officials to announce its safe to leave shelter
5. Heading in direction recommended by officials