Well, we tried something new out this morning, and like all things, ya never know how it's gonna work until ya try it.  Result?

Smashing success.

We literally had HUNDREDS of you send us the number of people you wanted us to "Christmas Carol Cold Call".  We're gonna try to get to as many as possible over the next 2 weeks.

Here's how it works.

We call someone at random, and just start belting out a Christmas Carol. Then, we wait to see what happens. Sometimes they hang up, sometimes they join in, sometimes they accuse us of trying to steal their identity, sometimes they love it and want more!

If you'd like to have us call someone you know, please email me with the following info:

YOUR name, THEIR name, THEIR number, HOW you know them, and WHAT carol you'd like us to sing.

Again, we can't guarantee we'll get to them, but we'll sure try!  Be sure to listen to the Mix Morning Rush each morning to see who our next victim is!