HBO has released the trailer for the new documentary "
Beware the Slenderman" and it looks terrifying. The documentary will discuss the story behind the creepy fictional character "
Slenderman". The main focus of the film is the story of the murder of a little girl after 2 other girls in the same age range committed the crime because of their belief in "


When the news broke a few years ago of the girls who committed murder in the name of "Slenderman", I was in complete shock. Something that was meant to be just a spooky story shared amongst kids, became so real in the minds of these girls. The character "Slenderman" has had scared me ever since this news broke. I'm aware it's a fictional character, however something about the imagery of the character doesn't sit right with me.


Check out the trailer for the new documentary below! Are you afraid of "Slenderman"? Will you watch this? Comment below.