What do you get when you mix a 70-piece orchestra playing tracks by Kanye West? Absolute dopeness. That's what you get.

Last night (April 16), the Young Musicians Foundation added to their Great Musician Series by adding Yeezy to the mix. Dubbed, "YeetHoven," the concert was held in the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles. Led by conductor Yuga Cohler the group of young players gracefully punched in six tracks from Beethoven including the Egmont Overture, ​Symphony No. 5 (op. 67), and String Quartet No. 14 (op. 131) and six tracks from West's Yeezus album including, "Blood on the Leaves," "New Slaves," "On Sight," and "Hold My Liqour."

Rap and orchestra mashups typically turn out fire. Last year, the Migos performed their hit "Hanna Montana" backed by a live ensemble.

Last October, Kendrick Lamar kicked off his Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour in D.C. with a show on the Kennedy Center stage with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Nas performed at the JFK center back in 2014 with an orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra has covered Drake's "Know Yourself."

And how can we forget about the time Sir Mix-A-Lot performed his 1992 hip-hop classic "Baby Got Back" along with an orchestra manned by contemporary composer Gabriel Prokofiev.

The Kanye turn up might have been the realest however with multiple songs getting the classical treatment from the young instrument players.

Somewhere Kanye is smiling. But just for a second.

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