Judging from the phone calls, texts, and Facebook posts, NO ONE likes a loud chewer.

Turns out, they're on to something.  Something GROSS, but something nonetheless.

A new Brigham Young University study found you will eat 30% fewer calories when you chew loudly.  They call it a "consumption monitoring cue", which allegedly (and rudely) helps your brain monitor the right amount of food you need to feel satisfied.

Honestly, I CAN'T chew with my mouth open, or loudly, thanks to the fear of the wrath of God if my mom caught me chewing with my mouth open!  We had strict table rules, and violations were cause for ramifications!  Our big 3 were:

  • chew with your mouth closed (also, no talking with a mouthful)
  • no elbows on the table
  • no tipping back in your chair

So I TRIED to INTENTIONALLY chew with my mouth open this morning.  Strangely, it was HARD to do!!!!