Fun facts: I am 25 years old... single... with no children. Well except for 2 kids that belong to Val Townsend, I like to claim them as my own. Because they are ADORABLE. My friendship with Val began long before she took to the Mix 96 airwaves.


Through the last 7 years of friendship I have not only grown super close to her but her amazing kids! Charlie her 2-year-old is basically my best friend. Sure he speaks babble talk and his interest in what I have to say lasts for approximately 0.1seconds, but it's decent conversation.

As of recent Charlie has been able to say my name which is super exciting! Today Val sent me this adorable clip of Charlie pointing me out in a photo eating a pierogi. Check out how cute this kids is!!!


Oh and if you're wondering why I am eating a pierogi, check out this post from Laura Daniels about the awesome night we had last night!.