You've got all your dance moves ready, and can't wait for the insane fun of the world's largest disco.  Well, warning, tickets this year are only physical no electronic.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Perfect timing to dance off the turkey dinner, the disco is scheduled for the weekend post.

But here is the deal, all of the tickets have been sold out since early August.  It's expected Seven-thousand people have general admission and VIP tickets.

Founder Dave Pietrowski told News 2

On Your Side thousands are on a waiting list, so if you're one of the people still looking for a ticket, we want to make sure you aren't scammed.

So before you get set to boogie and don't have tickets avoid being scam with so-called tickets sold on-line.

Pietrowski added,

No one's ever shown up at the door with a fake physical ticket, and if you're contacted by someone who says they have an electronic bar-code ticket, don't be fooled. You want to maybe take somebody with you to meet the seller to make sure the ticket is authentic before you give them any kind of money. That's where people run into trouble.

Be smart, safe, and always BOOGIE!