Does it seem that only in Western New York can we be basking in 50-degree temperatures and within 24 hours be bracing for Lake Effect Snow.

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Our partners at News 4 Buffalo tell us milder air will be here into the start of the workweek.  We can expect widespread rain showers by Monday morning, lasting into Tuesday before significantly colder air arrives Tuesday afternoon.

This arctic front may generate significant lake effect snow across parts of the region on Tuesday night through Wednesday night, however, there is still some uncertainty with the respect to the exact positioning of the lake effect bands at this point.

Lake effect snow will likely come to an end on Thursday with sunshine returning and a more settled weather pattern to finish off the workweek.

MONDAY: Widespread Rain, Occasional Breaks, Mild temperature-wise, High: 50, Low: 43.

TUESDAY: Windy, Turning Much Colder, AM Rain changes to Snow Showers by the afternoon, High: 45, Low: 23.

WEDNESDAY: Very Cold, Blustery, Snow Showers, Localized Lake Effect Snow, High: 26, Low: 17.

THURSDAY: Partly Sunny, Cold, Localized Snow Showers possible early, High: 25, Low: 22.

FRIDAY: Partly Sunny, High: 36.