In a widely circulated Facebook post, UB student Haley Lang pleads for the return of a very special necklace -- one that contains her grandmother's ashes.

WGRZ reports, "Lang lives with five other women near UB South. Last Thursday afternoon, someone broke into their kitchen when no one was home."

The Facebook post reads: "***IMPORTANT*** today my house was broken into. I go to University at Buffalo and live near South campus! All of my roommates got purses, money, headphones, etc taken, but out of everything taken the most important thing was this. My mom got me this for Christmas and it is a necklace that contains my grandmothers ashes. I feel distraught that this is now in someone else's possession and would do anything to get it back. They could take all my money, all my clothes, as long as it meant not losing this. If you see this on the Facebook market or anywhere else pls let me know!! The more eyes looking out for it the better. I am so sorry that this wasn't on me today grandma. I would do anything to start this day over. I hope you know this was my most prized possession and I would have never done anything to lose it. I love you "

If you have any information call Buffalo Police at 716-851-4416.