Right in our back yard we have one of the best schools of the country.

The University at Buffalo has ranked the highest it has ever been on the on the list.

UB ranked at #89 on the U.S. News Rankings "America's Best Colleges" and there was four way tie for third place.

1.) Princeton University retained

2.) Harvard

3.) University of Chicago

3.) Yale

3.) Columbia University

3.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

UB was 11th among schools from New York State, behind Columbia, No. 16 Cornell University, No. 30 New York University, No. 33 University of Rochester, No. 49 Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, No. 53 Syracuse University, No. 70 Fordham University, as well as Binghamton, Stony Brook and Yeshiva University (all three tied at No. 80)", according to the Buffalo News.