Come Tuesday, restaurants will be packed, credit cards will be swiped, proposals will be made.  Americans will spend almost $4 BILLION on a night out for Valentine's Day this year. ..but what if you're just someone who wants a good deal on food, regardless of relationship status?

Gotcha covered.


We told you about the deal at Hooters, where you get 10 free wings if you bring in an old picture of your ex and let them shred it for you.  You can also do a "virtual shred" online and they'll send you a coupon. (The nearest location is in Niagara Falls).

Qdoba Mexican Eats is also offering a sweet deal called "Qdoba For a Kiss".  No coupon needed...just show some love. You just have to kiss your friend or significant other, and get hooked up with buy-one-get-one-free entree on Valentine's Day.  If you're flying solo, you can just smooch a photo of your favorite celebrity on your cell phone.  Three locations to choose from (but call first to be sure they're participating)!