One set of grandparents have to be the most thrilled people in the world.

Dani and Eric Heimermann of Colorado Springs were getting ready to have a baby...but, not for two more weeks. That all changed Christmas morning when Dani started getting contractionsand at 3:50PM on Christmas Day, Aria Heimermann came into the world.

What the couple didn't know until hours later was that Eric's sister, Ashley Weaver also having contractions and in labor as well. Four hours after Aria was born, Primrose Weaver came into this world. Ashely said, “It was weird. We both kind of had the same, almost the same, length of labor and we both kind of stalled out at a certain point."

According to Eric,

My sister always gives me crap for doing everything before her,” Eric said. “We never thought I was going to get married because I’m kind of a loner, but then I met Dani and got married before she did and she got mad about that. Then we had our first baby before she did and now we had our second baby before she had her first and she’s really mad! She’s not actually mad but still it’s kind of a running joke.”

Talk about a Christmas ironic one, of course.



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