We all have had that one teacher in school we didn't like. More times than not, I've found it was the class we were doing the worst in. I had a Geometry teacher in New Jersey who I couldn't stand because I didn't understand anything she tried to teach. I was a good student, but I just didn't get her examples, and she might as well been teaching German because I don't understand that either!

When I was in school, we would gripe about our teachers in the lunchroom to our friends, and that would be the end of it. Now with technology, we can gripe to our friends everywhere on Facebook and Twitter. The problem that kids seem to forget is that it's on the internet and EVERYONE can see it!  Which a student found out the hard way!

Twitter Teacher Post (Photo via XCoaster/Reddit)

The kid made two mistakes! One, according to the story, the test was on Tuesday all along.The second was that he posted his rant on Twitter, where the teacher spotted it and decided to embarrass him in front of the entire class!