When will common sense come back into our lives? Apparently no time soon when it comes to traveling through airports. TSA security officers at the Fort Walton Beach-Destin airport patted down at 95 year old cancer-stricken woman and forcibly removed an adult diaper during the search. And it that isn’t enough, the woman is in her final stages of her battle with Leukemia.

Her daughter, Jean Weber, was traveling with her mother when the incident took place. TSA officials could not determine it was an adult diaper and took her mother to a private room to check further. Jean Weber did not have any extra adult diapers, so her mother was forced to proceed through the airport with out underwear.  

More and more of this is happening at our airports. Let’s hope the TSA reviews this procedure and makes changes to respect the dignity of our citizens. What do you think? How should the procedure be changed? Let us know in the comment section.

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